Sales Order Change Reporting for EDI 860

  • 28 June 2022
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2021R2 version.  We receive an EDI 850 from our customer.  Through True Commerce APIs, we create a sales order in Acumatica.  Later, we receive an EDI 860 change order from our customer.  Our business does not want this change order to be automatically applied to the existing sales order in Acumatica.

Instead, our business wants us to generate an exception report that lists the content of the 860 (e.g. header info, line item data) and generate exception messages where the 860 change order is different than the sales order on Acumatica.  For example, provide exception message that the line item quantity changed, or that a new line item was being added to the sales order.  This exception report would go to the customer service rep., who would review the changes and manually enter them on the Acumatica sales order if accepted.  

Has anyone already built functionality that creates custom change order tables (header, lines, notes), and then matches this to the sales order already existing on Acumatica?  




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9 replies

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I’m curious what you come up with as a solution. I guess you would like to avoid having the users from logging onto True Commerce and review the 860, and then push it through. Instead, perhaps create a new order type for 860 and then generate a notification to alert the customer service rep.

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I spoke to quick and dont think it possible or logical to import as a new document. Can you elaborate a bit more on use case, and the exact fields that have change request. What is your current process?  

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Most changes that come in via an 860 relate to line item quantity changes or possibly additional line items added to the order.  Order requested date or shipping method could also change at the header level.  Our business partners want reporting that clearly calls out when changes occur.

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Hi @timpollard36 - were you able to find a solution for your issue? Thank you!

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I was thinking that creating Task (EP404000) off a Business Events (SM302050) is a possible solution. A feature added in 2021 R2 and on. I have not had enough time to test this thoroughly. Create a business event to the sales order screen to track record changes to the document. Make the subscriber a task. In the task notes, you can show the before and after differences. Then, you can connect the Task to the sales order activity.  

You may need fields for record change like Ship via and others. However, they are not their default from the sales order screen. 

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We are developing a solution that will be integrated into our Acumatica 2021R2 environment.  The solution does the following:

  • Take in the EDI 860 change orders and load that data to custom header and details tables.
  • Add a tab to the sales order screen to show the revision numbers and dates of the above change orders.  From this tab, can select the revision number you want to generate a report for comparing the change order data to the sales order on Acumatica.  
  • Acumatica report written that compares the change order data to the sales order, highlighting what has changed (e.g. line quantity changed, new item added, etc.).

I’m assuming this is not out yet even though 2021 R2 was mentioned.  Will this only work with EDI Add in or can this be used for Change Orders created manually in Acumatica and then be able to show differences?   Looking for something similar to Sage 500 functionality where if you enable SO Change Orders like the Customization spec write up attached.    

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This was not designed for changes made through the standard sales order screen.  It was designed for taking in order changes from an external source (EDI, could be other file feed), take that data and put into custom tables, then generate a report comparing the order change data to the order data. 

Thanks for clarification! 


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