Restrict Sales Orders to users based on the items attached

  • 12 February 2024
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We want to restrict sales orders for users based on the items attached on the sales order. 

Up to now we are only able to restrict selecting items on the sales order but since users can view all the sales orders is able to view the other sales orders which attached the stock item. 

Here our users will be selling for same customers but different products. 


5 replies

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Hey Amanda,


Have you looked into using restriction groups for this? I think this will accomplish what you’re looking to do. I’ve attached a couple helpful links below!

Configuration of Restriction Groups (

Inventory Item Security (



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Hi @bcameron 

Restriction groups for inventory items reduces the number of inventory items that a user can see when selecting the items but it doesn’t restrict the orders with the items that the user is restricted to. 

That is my concern here.

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Gotcha! Would it work for you to restrict user access to only the sales orders for which they’re listed as the owner?


If so, this may be what you’re looking for: How to restrict "all sales order records" screen | Community (


They accomplish it through adding a hidden parameter and [CurrentUser] condition referencing that parameter onto the Sales Orders Generic Inquiry, then changing permissions to make the order number and < > navigation buttons inside the sales order screen to be View Only.

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If restriction groups won’t work for you, the only thing I can suggest is a customization.

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Hi @apallawala21 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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