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  • 7 February 2023
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Hi - hoping someone can help out. The way the current receive and put away function works seems very limited unless I am missing something. We were expecting it to work more like the physical inventory, where more than one person can count at a time, and it sends it to a review screen so it can be compared to the packing slip the vendor sends when they ship the purchase order, then once confirmed it can be released


The way it seems to work is only one person can receive at a time, it doesn’t save what has been done while they are working (so if its a big order and need to take a break the work will be lost), and there is no way to review it on the desktop. This basically makes the receive function useless for any warehouse of somewhat size. If we get a full truckload order in this can’t handle multiple people receiving and review…


Hopefully I am wrong...




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Are you receiving against a single purchase receipt? 

we have a large number of staff receiving multiple truckloads daily. 

we accomplish this by creating multiple purchase receipts against the PO. This allows each user to create a PR and avoids conflicts cased by multiple users receiving against the same document. 

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thanks @Thomas08 i was thinking of doing that, but want a central location to review the consolidated receipts against the packing slip before we release it.


Also, it seems like you can’t pick up where you left off. I guess you can just release current PR and start a new one though...

Yes I am more than familiar with that pain. We use a combination of the po history and a custom GI to create a centralized view. However there is a deficiency in the WMS around receiving against inbound shipments. The best example would be trying to make physical receipts against an advance shipment notification (asn) document from a vendor. 

It can be very painful if a vendor sends multiple shipments against a singe PO. 

I provided product requirements to the distribution team a couple years ago for this. My requirements combined both inbound shipments and “container management” which would allow scanning receipts against ASN documents using UCC128 standard labels. 

The distribution team is aware of the need. Unfortunately for now it’s a bit of a manual reconciliation process. 

as a note the users can save progress from the mobile devices but it requires an extra couple screen taps and is not very intuitive or automatic. 

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I am curious how your sequence numbering looks for your PO and your Purchase Receipts.

We typically prefix with P for PO and PR for Purchase Receipt. So on the initial Receive and Putaway you enter the PO # to generate the Purchase Receipt. Then you should be able to leave and come back in if you know your Purchase Receipt number that was created. I have not tested if multiple users can pull up the same PR/Purchase receipt document.

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We have tested this process as well and when multiple users scan the same purchase order (using separate Numbering Sequence for PO and PR), system will over receipt the item which is already loaded in 1 receipt, even though it’s not scanned yet by other users.


So I don’t think it’s possible to do this.

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This is currently a limitation not supported by Acumatica WMS.  For now, multiple receivers against the same PO would need to be done when there are multiple users doing the receiving as @Thomas08 mentioned.  


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