Put for Pending approval status when Exchange Rate Changes...

  • 17 March 2021
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Hello everyone!

What is the best approach to manage this scenario?

In the payments and applications screen I need to put on "pending approval" status when the exchange rate changes in the document.

Thanks for your help!


Best answer by Gabriel Michaud 18 March 2021, 20:45

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6 replies

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Hi @adriangavino45,

Unfortunately I don’t think the AP Payments screen supports the standard approval maps functionality. If it was available, you would likely need to build a simple customization to store the last approved exchange rate somewhere and trigger an approval request when it changes. If you’re not willing to go the customization route I would suggest entering a suggestion in the Product Ideas section.

Thanks Gabriel, 

Tha payments and application screen (AR302000) is available in the assignment and approval maps, but my issue is when I add an approval map there is no option to trigger the action when the field changes:


Any ideas?


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Hi @adriangavino45,


Yes, you can create an Approval Map, but you won’t be able to activate it in AR Preferences because it only lets you assign approval maps for AR Invoices:

Assuming it was possible, I would configure the approval map by comparing the current CuryRate with the last approved CuryRate -- this would mean a simple customization that updates this field during approval.


Let’s find an alternative solution - can you tell me what is the goal or business requirement you are trying to handle? Are you:

  • Trying to prevent manual changes by the users?
  • Do you have cases where the exchange rate suddenly goes to 1 without explanation and you want to block that? (i’ve had this happen in 2019 on a long list of AR Invoices for seemingly no reason)
  • Do you want to be informed when the exchange rate for a given currency has changed since the last payment was entered for this specific currency? (in this case, the CuryRate field wouldn’t even be changing -- it’s just the value that is retrieved when you add the payment that is different from previous payments)

Hi @Gabriel Michaud, thanks!

You are right, I didn't realize that I won't be able to activate it in AR preferences.

The business requirement is:

The users is able to change the exchange rate in payments and applications, but they need to ask for approval, so the idea is: the user changes the exchange rate-→ Document status go to “Pendig Approval”→ send push notification to mobile-→ in the mobile application go to “Approvals”→ approve or reject the change request.

Basically this is the requirement.

I don't have any issues regarding mobile push notifications, etc… my headache is regarding the status pending approval when the exchange rate changes.




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@adriangavino45 in the current version of the application customization will be needed to handle this. To keep thing simple I would:

  1. Add a field to store the “approved” exchange rate and make this field editable only to the person allowed to approve the change
  2. Prevent taking the Payment off hold (or releasing it) when the approved rate is different from the document rate

I would try to avoid modifying the workflow and adding new document statuses.

@Gabriel Michaud thanks! I will do it!.

Thank you very much for your time and help!



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