Purchase Order Printing/Emailing Process - Show all option or option to print a batch

  • 23 June 2022
  • 9 replies

My client wants a option to be able to reprint or resend more than one PO at a time from Print/Email Purchase Orders screen (PO503000) the same way it’s done in SO or AR Module with Show All button. 

This screen does not have a Show all or check marks showing the action performed, it only shows PO that have not been printed for some odd reason. 

Is there a workaround for this?




Thank you.


9 replies

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Hi @willie98,

Currently, the Print/Email Purchase Orders (PO503000) form shows only purchase orders without the Printed check box selected for the Print Purchase Order action and without the Emailed check box for the Email Purchase Order. In order to re-print or email again a purchase order, a user needs to navigate to the Purchase Orders ( PO301000) form and use the Print Purchase Order and Email Purchase Order actions individually for required records.

Please, post the suggestion to add the Show All check box to list already emailed and printed purchase orders on the Print/Email Purchase Orders form on the Ideas page, so that the other people can vote for the idea and the project management team can take this enhancement into consideration.

In regards to the Sales Orders module, the Print/Email Orders (SO502000) form also doesn’t have the Show All check box:


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@willie98 As an alternative, you may be able to make a GI that contains the same DAC and the Printed checkbox (so you can filter) and then add the Mass Action for Print/Email Purchase Order.

Mass Actions don’t always work nicely though so you’ll want to make sure to test it.

Thank you both for your answers.

@Julia Golomidova - I will post the idea. SO Show All- you are right, I had to ask my developers to add it. Not sure why Acumatica doesn’t have the same functionality on “kind of” the same process screens. 


@Ahmed - yeah, tried that...Mass Actions never works :(

Developers are making this mod at this time, can’t wait for the idea to get enough votes and eventually get approved. 

Thank you

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Once you submit your idea, let us know. @Dana Moffat  will review it. 

Done- @Aliya  @Dana Moffat 




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How about using the new functionality introduced 2021 R1 to trigger a business event from a Generic Inquiry?  Might not help if you want to reprint in mass but for email,  I just created a Generic Inquiry that lists all Sales Order Invoices then in Business Event that references that GI, set the type to “Trigger by Action” and created email subscriber.  Now when use goes into that GI they filter for whatever group of invoices they want to re-email, select invoices, and then there is an “EMail” action that resends all of those invoices via email again.  

My need was for invoices but don’t know why same logic won’t work for PO’s. 

Hi @kyoung14 

We have tried GI before, it does not work 100%. I asked my ISV to modify the screen and it works now how my client wants it. It should be a nice feature Acumatica can do.

Thank you.

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I just rolled out my solution for Sales Order invoices recently and so far so good but thanks for the heads-up you didn’t have 100% success when you tried.  We will keep an eye on it.

This is how the Print/Email PO screen now it looks and what we can do- just like the one in Receivables. 




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