Process Orders screen - Create Shipment - with serial numbers on the stock item being shipped

  • 8 February 2023
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99.99% sure this is not do-able in standard Acumatica, but wanted to run it past the community.

Stock items in inventory have a serial number.

Would prefer to be able to create shipments via the Process Orders screen with the “create shipment” action.

I’m not missing anything am I?  You simply cannot do this as you need to manually ship and select the appropriate serial number from inventory to ship.



Best answer by Dave Gutman 9 February 2023, 15:27

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4 replies

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You are correct. You are not missing anything. Now, you can setup a quick process template, create a shipment and then select the shipment(s) and enter the serial number. 

Do you know how to create a quick process template?


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There are various issue methods you can select depending on your requirements. User Enterable would require a manual step as noted above. Other methods could allow Acumatica to control the serial number that is selected next. Usually this comes down to the actual warehouse operations if you can allow Acumatica to tell the picker which serial number to grab -or- the picker would just grab an item and then enter the serial number after picking. Hopefully this helps.


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@ltussing03, Your original question leads me to ask - is serial tracking appropriate for the items you’re asking about? If so, then the responses here are correct - there is business value in tracking each unit’s unique identifying number. 

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Thank you for your responses!

I am currently tied up but will be revisiting this next week.

Dave, to answer your question, yes, these are medical devices and require serial tracking.


Marina25, I am unsure how the quick process could help here.  I appreciate your thoughts and I may be missing something.  I’m just unsure how it would help.


Again, thank you everyone for taking the time to respond!


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