Prepare Replenishment Data View Override

  • 28 April 2023
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Hi ,

Version -22R1

Added one Custom Ware house Selector Client wants to Change the Custom Selector of Warehouse When he changed the Selector Value According to the value in the Detail level three fields data has to change 



Tried Modified data view using delegate but it is not affecting and tried writing code in Row Selected event then also it is not working please suggest me with the Solution


        INReplenishmentFilterExt ext = filter.GetExtension<INReplenishmentFilterExt>();
        if (filter.ReplenishmentSiteID != ext.UsrPurchaseWarehouse)
                foreach (INReplenishmentItem item in Base.Records.Select())
                INReplenishmentItem Rep = PXSelectJoin<INReplenishmentItem, LeftJoin<INItemClass,
        Where<INReplenishmentItem.siteID, Equal<Required<INReplenishmentItem.siteID>>,
                Current<INReplenishmentFilter.itemClassCDWildcard>, IsNull,
                Or<INItemClass.itemClassCD, Like<Current<INReplenishmentFilter.itemClassCDWildcard>>>>,
                INReplenishmentItem.launchDate, IsNull,
                INReplenishmentItem.terminationDate, IsNull,

              >>>>>.Select(Base, ext.UsrPurchaseWarehouse);

                    if (Rep != null)
                        item.QtyReplenishment = Rep.QtyReplenishment;
                        item.QtyPOOrders = Rep.QtyPOOrders;
                        item.QtyPOPrepared = Rep.QtyPOPrepared;
                    }   //yield return item;


2 replies

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Hi @FarhanaM60 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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