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  • 21 June 2022
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      Acumatica has its B2B online portal, which customers can place orders directly. However, for a same single portal, it looks like all orders will be assigned to the same branch, which is portal default branch.


     We are having multiple branches and serving different customers.
Is there a way that the orders to assigned to its specific supporting branch?


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I think you would have to customize the portal in order to do that.

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Hello, I am not good at customization. And per my knowledge, customizing the portal is a different thing than customizing the main ERP instance.  Correct me if I am wrong, Acumatica has set up limitations on customizing Customer Portal, Only a few can be customized(Like UI element).

I am thinking of a way to go. We can delpoy multiple Portal instances, like
https:// …/cp1

We give different group of customers different instance URL.

For every instance, it is having its own default branch and the branch is supporting the group of customers.
But this would require a lot of licenses, and probably the hardware would require much.

Is there a simpler solution?

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Customer Portal is just another site that can be customized.  You would need developers with experience doing so, but that is something that is available from firms with those resources.

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As an example, the new Portal Payments feature is a customization package that you import and publish into Customer Portal.  Other developers have developed enhancements to the portal as well. Your requirements could be met more elegantly and possibly less expensively with a customization of the portal. Let me know if you and/or your partner would like a referral to our dev team here at Kensium.

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Excellent. Thank you. This is also a research phrase question raised from my manager’s friend. Firstly, we have to talk him into using Acumatica. Will let you know if we need further help.
We might choose from online portal or their current POS intergration. 

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I got the following description from “Price List” spreadsheet:

Customer Portal: each portal can be accessed with a unique URL. You will need to purchase a separate portal for each tenant and for each company/branch that wants to accept orders. Multiple branches can share a portal if clients only require document retrieval. Inventory management is required for placing orders.


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