Managing the number of Inventory Items in Acumatica

  • 24 September 2020
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How does your organization manage the use of Inventory Items in Acumatica?  Has anyone run into the issue of reaching the maximum number of inventory Items, which is what I assume is a limit of 1,000,000 records?  Plus the export functionality from Acumatica to Excel could be restricted by Excel’s maximum row limit of 1,048,576 rows.  Does anyone have any experience with or comments on this?

3 replies

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The maximum number of Inventory Items is defined by the Transaction Tiers. For recommendations, refer to the Acumatica Licensing Guide, System Recommendations and Constraints section. The latest Acumatica Licensing Guide can be found on the Acumatica Agreements and Guide page.

Please note that customers surpassing these recommended limits may experience suboptimal operating conditions and a corresponding degradation in performance, but the system will not prevent the limits from being surpassed and there will be no violation of the license agreement.

As for Excel import, it is highly recommended to import records by batches up to 1000 records and out of business hours. Otherwise, the system could run into serious performance issues and customer down situations.

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You can find brief description of licensed restriction and System constraint on our ‘Pricing FAQ’ page as well. Here is the link :


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New thread and update related to this topic: 


It appears the guide has been updated this month and I do not see any reference to limits on Inventory Items anymore. I will be interested to learn the current policy on this.


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