Location wise costing enable with FIFO issue method

  • 20 February 2022
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There was a requirement that user needs to keep different Item Costing track in different locations under the same warehouse. 

Ex: Item A -- Location A Cost =10$     // 100 Qty  //   GRN : 01-Feb-2020

      Item A -- Location B Cost =20$     // 200 Qty  //   GRN : 01-Jan-2021

      Item A -- Location C Cost  =0$     // 300 Qty  //   GRN : 01-Dec-2021

User need to issue from Location C(With 0$ cost Items), but when select the Location C, system is considering oldest stock first. As a result system issued from Location A.(GRN : 01-Feb-2020).

If we enable Location costing, when we select the Location C , system issued 0$ stocks item from Location C. Not considering entire warehouse.

Need to verify the Practice. 








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Hi @NAthukorala47 

You should be able to set cost layer at warehouse location level, by enabling ‘Cost separately’ on warehouse profile > Location section.

Here is relevant option documentation link.

Enable this and test how the costing works on demo tenant.

Hope this helps.



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Dear Vijay, 

Yes. We did the Testing in advanced. It was Success. We verified it whether it is right or wrong. 

Appreciated your feedback. 







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