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  • 27 May 2022
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I have a customer who wants to be able to put a location on a PO Receipt for nonstock items.

They do not want to make these items stock items but they need to know where to go in their warehouse to find these items. For example, hardware is not tracked as an inventory item, it’s an expense. But, they need to be able to tell someone where to go to find it.

They do not have set warehouse locations for any of their stock/nonstock items, they put them away in any available space in the warehouse and enter the location on the PO Receipt.

I have considered creating a user defined field and adding that to the Detail grid on the PO Receipt, but was wondering if there were any other solutions.

Thank you.


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An attribute is the way to go. Add an attribute, then go to item classes and add the attribute to the inventory item class so it appears for all in inventory codes in that class

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Maybe play with the GL accounts, costing method and variance accounts to get it to behave like it’s non-stock. For example set the Standard Cost to 0, but change the variance account to the expense account.  So the full receipt value will be expensed right away and no value will be added to the balance sheet.  

Then they can use location like they do with their stock items.  

It sounds like they are stock item but they don’t want it on the balance sheet?  Would the above example or something similar meet their requirements?  

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@bryanb39 that’s brilliant! I’ll give that a try in their test environment and see if that meets their needs.

My only other option is using an attribute. But it would require a customization as well because they want to be able to select the warehouse location in the Purchase Receipt screen grid when they are receiving items. My plan was to:

  1. Create a combo box attribute for Nonstock Item Locations
  2. Copy the current warehouse locations and add them to the attribute so they can select the location
  3. Add the attribute to the nonstock items
  4. Create a customization to add the attribute to the grid on the Purchase Receipt screen so they can select the location when entering a receipt for nonstock items.
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@donnadeskins55 I like your idea for the customization if the GL workaround doesn’t work out as smooth as I’m hoping.  We try to avoid customizations if possible to reduce tech debt. 

Hope it works out.  



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