Item ID Lookup from Sales Order Line

  • 24 March 2023
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How do I search Inventory ID from Sales Order line to find data contained in respective Item(s) LONG Description and/or Item ID Attribute ?

5 replies

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Hi @DonGreen  This required customization, Please find the sample for reference.


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@DonGreen Could you please elaborate on your question (screenshot or examples will be more appreciated), it is not clear to understand. 

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Note: Brand New with Acumatica. Go Live is 03-31-23. 7 days away. We have a SIMPLE business model…. this is by no means a show-stopper…..

Target: Identify easiest way to find all Generators with John Deere engines when creating a Quote or Sales Order line item

Item ID setup Example: We have Duplicate Data in two fields 1) Item Attribute = Engine = “John Deere” 2) Long Description: “Engine: John Deere”



Long Description:

Attempted Standard Acumatica Inventory ID Lookup didn’t find respective Item ID as I expected. First thought I was not selecting corrent Filter combinations under Description…. then wondered if Standard Description filter is Short not Combined Short + Long Description search.


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Just noticed I used “ONAN” in my screen shot….. s/b “JOHN DEERE”…… I do get “ONAN” to show up but ONLY when “ONAN” is listed in the Short Description….. “JOHN DEERE” is NOT in any Short Description….. but IS in Attribute and Long Description.

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Hi @DonGreen were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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