Is there any way to set exception Pick priorities

  • 14 June 2021
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Hi everyone,

I have item1 at location A and B.

A has 100 pcs. It is the primary location and where most orders are picked from.

B has 1000 pcs. B is considered a overflow location, but sales are also allowed from this location.

If I get a big order for 1000 of these pcs, could Acumatica just tell me to take 1000 pcs from B and 0 from A. What it wants to do now is take 100 from A and 900 from B. Then we would need to transfer the remaining 100 to A to maintain primary location stock.


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hi @rvalentine11,

Maybe this functionality canhelp you?

Priorities of Warehouse Locations

If any inventory items with the same inventory ID in the system are stored in multiple locations of the same warehouse, the system has to find the appropriate warehouse location from which to issue the items when a user creates a shipment for a sales order. Thus, for each location, on the Locations tab of the Warehouses (IN204000) form, in the Pick Priority column, you can specify the pick priority. If the system finds multiple locations that have the item, the system selects the location with the highest pick priority: In this column, 1 indicates the highest priority, 2 the next highest, and so forth to the lowest priority; 0 means that the pick priority is not defined.

For example, suppose that you store a dairy product that can be kept for one week. You purchase this dairy product every day and store it in two locations of the warehouse: A and B. In Location A, you store a variant of the dairy product that can be kept from five to seven days. In Location B, you store a variant of the dairy product that can be kept from two to four days. You can assign the highest pick priority to Location B so that dairy products with an earlier expiration date are shipped first.

If for the majority of stock items, you specify a warehouse location in the Default Issue From box on the General Settings tab of the Stock Items (IN202500) form for an item, you can include this location in search for appropriate locations by selecting the Use Item Default Location for Picking check box on the Locations tab of the Warehouses form.

When this check box is selected, the system treats the location specified in the Default Issue From box as having a higher priority than the location with the highest possible pick priority. That is, the system searches for locations in the following order until it finds a match:

  1. The warehouse location specified for the item in the Default Issue From box.
  2. The warehouse location with the highest pick priority specified on the Locations tab of the Warehouses form. (The value 1 indicates the highest priority, 2 the next highest, and so forth; 0 means that the pick priority is not defined.)

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Patrick - I am incorrect, that in her scenario it would tell them to pick 100 from location A and then 900 from location B?  How do you set it so it will pick all 1000 from location B?   You need to keep location A as a primary pick location for the smaller orders.

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Yes Michelle76,

That is the issue we are having in a nutshell. Acumatica isn't ‘smart’ enough to realize to pick from all at the secondary location instead of the primary AND the secondary location to complete the order.

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Just backing you up!

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@michelle76 , You are completely right! So you need the possability to pick goods from the first location, which have enough on stock in consideration of the pick priority...

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Yes because location B can hold a lot more than location A (neither item has an expiration date or anything). Its just a pain to pick all from A, complete the order from B, then restock A from B. It would be easier just to pick from B and complete the order.

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I created a product suggestion for this issue - if you want this added, please vote for it.  Thanks.

Ability to set Pick Priority Based on Inventory Quantities by Location

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@Arlene I have same problem. Acumatica split the order line into two locations to picking even both location have enough inventory in stock. Will keep you updated if I haveany solution. 


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