Inventory Replenishment with Sales Orders On Hold

  • 7 October 2023
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We have an issue wherein we may enter part of a Sales Order, or the full order, and then place it on hold awaiting some further information. The Sales Order may be on hold for several days.  We are on 22R1 Build 22.119.0027


When you go to Prepare Replenishment, however, the replenishment calculation seems to include all orders, including those on hold, in the demand numbers.  This can cause inventory buyers to purchase items that may not be needed because we have changed the Sales Order lines or quantities before releasing it from On Hold status.


Is there a setting to have Replenishment ignore demand from On Hold Sales Order, much like the Inventory Availability Calculation Rules can be configured for various scenarios.  Alternately, it would be useful to have a “Draft” Sales Order Status where the order is not visible at all to other modules in the system until the Sales Order is released.


Has anyone else struggled with this scenario or had successful workarounds? Thanks in advance.


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HI @doldham96 

What is the replenishment method for the items?


Also, the orders on hold, are they allocated to the Sales Orders?

Thanks for replying! Here is the replenishment tab for the item. It is set to Min/Max method.


We do not stock this item typically. When we received a customer order, we entered it, but placed the order on hold while we were working on additional details with the customer. We only use SA order type, but in this case there was no stock on hand at the time the order was entered and placed on hold.

The purchasing team saw the item demand come up on their normal replenishment review and purchased the item, which the customer ultimately decided not to purchase. We typically put a customer order in the system and then place it on hold for review of price or other requirements.

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Hi @doldham96 

I looked into this a bit more for you. A few things I found are:

  1. The SA order type does a hard demand for an item on the prepare replenishment. (I set up my item just as you described)
  1. I placed a Sales Order with the type SA and I had 0 in stock. My line is not allocated because there is none in stock.


  1. I went back and looked at the prepare replenishment screen and even though it does not suggest purchasing, it creates a Hard Demand. Is Acumatica creating a QTY to Process or is your team purchasing based off the hard demand?



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