How to load external url image to Acumatica Form

  • 9 December 2023
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Does anyone know how to load external url image to Acumatica Form?

For example I have an UDF UsrImageUrl =

How do I load image in UsrImageUrl to an Form?




Best answer by junmao01 11 January 2024, 19:36

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Hello @junmao01 ,

Are you a developer, trying to customize a form to include Images?  If so, you may receive a faster answer by posting in one of the Customization/Developer forums (vs. Distribution) of Acumatica Community.

Whether you are a developer or not, it’s helpful if you tell us the Screen Name where you are trying to attach a photo/URL and give us an example screen shot so we can understand where/how you’d like to see the photo/URL. Do you want the URL to show to the Users, or do you want the Image to show to the users?

Without customization, a URL may be recorded:

  1. In any Note field
  2. In any Description field
  3. Using User-Defined Fields (Attributes)
  4. Attributes of Stock/Non-Stock Items may contain an Image
  5. Extra Description tab of Stock Items
  6. Get creative, maybe, with Cross-Reference Items tab of Stock/Non-Stock Items


Load Image to Attributes tab of Stock/Non-stock Items
Add URL to Description tab of Stock/Non-stock items
Add Attribute/User-Defined Fields to Sales Orders form



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@Laura02 Thanks for your response. I am a developer. I added URLas User-Defined Fields in SOLine. I want to create a new form for the SOLine that can display the image of the URL. Then I want to add this new form as a side panel of Sales Order Entry screen. So when user click an order line, the side panel will display the image of the line.


I will re-post it to the Customization/Developer forums. 



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That might help

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@lbarker That helps. I can display the image statically. Now my problem is how to display it dynamically that assign ImageUrl = SOLine.UsrImageURL.

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Hi @junmao01 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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I figured it out. The PXImageView will load URL image.

<px:PXImageView runat="server" DataField="ImageUrl" ID="edImage" Style='left:9px;top:9px;Position:absolute;' />

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @junmao01!


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