How to join a table on date and get a date range filter on a GI.

  • 22 November 2023
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Hello Community, I have a custom screen for demand planning, they capture data in a range of two days. The SOs are shipped in a ranger of 2 days. I am building a dashboard that shows the actual orders against the demand table. The join is requested on date from the SOOrder table and date1 on the demand table. This join omits the data which should be linked to Date2. eg if there was actual 2 orders on the first requested on date and 3 on the second requested on date it won’t show 5 on the sum in the dashboard because the parameter is requested on date. Is there a way joining the tables such that requested on date is linked on both demand date1 and date2.

Below is my join

These are my dashboard parameteres



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Hi @ViweM - I am having some difficulty understanding the exact request. However, I would recommend using a different Table Relation Join. Are you able to use a different relation other than Request Date to Start Date? It seems like if you are looking to see a range of dates (2 days), you should build it into the conditions on the GI rather than the table relation.

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Hi @ViweM If this is demand of the inventory items, you should consider the SOline InventoryId, and the dates in the SOline instead of the SOOrder.


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