How to fix Can't make a Sales Order because it has no Quantity Balance but the inventory have items?

  • 4 August 2022
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Can you help me how to fix this issue. I want to create a Sales Order but I have a problem, when I’m doing SO I found out that I have no Inventory Balance but when I checked the items are there. What should I do?


This is the Sales Order (Inventory ID - 00002647)


This is the Inventory Balance


I’ve already checked in Recalculate Inventory (IN505000) but it nothing happen





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7 replies

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Hello, Could the quantity on hand be used on a different order? 

It may be helpful for us to see the Inventory Balance report with Warehouse Location details and Allocation Details. It may be helpful to see the Availability Calculation rule.

It may be helpful for us to see Warehouse Locations configurations. Thank you!


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Hi Laura


When I checked in Availability Calculation rule, I see that the other settings is not check and it’s working, the available items are there but when I go to Sales Order I see a problem. When I released this SO and make shipment, I encountered an error like this:






What should I do next?



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Hi, @acumaticapm182  As per the above screenshot showing Available for Shipping is 0.00.

To create the shipment, Acumatica will not consider the Available field and it considers the Available for Shipping.

As indicated by Laura above, have you checked the Include in Qty Available and Sales Allowed checkboxes at Warehouses screen for the Location?

And, after creating the Inventory Receipt have you RELEASED it?

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Hi @Naveen Boga Yes the PO and Purchase receipt has been released and there are conflict in sub-items.. I already solved this issue by deleting again the line item then go to ADD ITEMS button and select  what sub items are available on your inventory

Like this:


Hi @acumaticapm182,

Please check the "Inventory Allocation Details" Inqiry

Inventory → Inquiries → Inventory Allocation Details

It may provide you some directions on where the particular inventory is blocked and we can take corrective steps.


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Hello @acumaticapm182 ,

Are you saying you solved the problem and the answer is, the sub-items have negative quantity on hand?


Thank you.

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Hi @laura01 , Yes I’ve already solved this issue and I found out when I checked in the Purchase Order and what sub items in inventory ID and as you can see there are two sub items. The sub-item that we order is the second one (POWDR-000-TUR-25KGS-BAG) not the (POWDR-000-TUR-20KGS-BAG)


Purchase Order (PO301000)


Sales Order (SO301000)




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