How to email order confirmation automatically for particular customers?

  • 6 January 2021
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     we have hundreds of customers, just some of which are requiring to receive order confirmation after the so is placed.

      To click the “email sales order” is just 1 click, however, sometimes the salesperson would forget.

    How can I set the automation just for some customers?

5 replies

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as I studied, this can be done by “business event”

however, I have a problem that how to identify this “order placing” is completed.

Yes, I can by default set order as “hold”, and at that time when sales move order from hold to open, then trigger the email.
but, just only 1 or 2 customers are requiring to receive confirmation email, we don’t want to put all orders on hold by default.
any suggestion?

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No need to put the Order on hold. I would suggest below approach for your requirement

  1. Create a custom checkbox like “Require auto confirmation email” on the customer screen. This will help to identify the to whom the auto email should trigger. 
  2. Create a generic inquiry to list only the orders which are associated with customers that requires auto confirmation email.
  3. Create Business event using above GI and set the Trigger condition > Operation > Record Inserted. This will make sure that the email will trigger only for the required customers.
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Hi @ray20 ,


I concur with @Vinay K  with a small change.

Instead of going for the customization. You can create a “Customer Class” and you can assign this newly created Customer Class to specific customers. 

As suggested above, Create a GI, to load all these type of customers into the GI and you can trigger a business event. This way we can avoid the customization. 


Hope this helps!!


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Hi @ray20 

If the number of customers to whom such email needs to be sent is very small, you may just set conditions at GI level to pull the details of documents of only a set of customers. How many customers have such a requirement ( approximately, is it 10+ in total? since you mentioned only 1 to 2 customers needing to be sent such an email). 


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​ hello @Vinay K  @Naveen B  @vkumar  
Thank you all, gentlemen

Happy new year.

In fact, Acumatica is improving, I don’t need write a GI, I can just apply business event on Sales Orders screen.
like below, it is working. And if the customer list is large, I might need to customize a flag or customer class. Thank you for your ideas.


However, my current problem is the “timing”? How can I define the “Order placing” is completed?
if the user just input 5 lines and save, shall the email be triggered?
What if the user wants to place 10 lines or even more?


So at what time shall the email be triggered?
Move from Hold to open is a choice, but what would effected on all orders, which we don’t like.

I still would like to know your bright ideas, but not in a hurry.
I talked with our staff, that we don’t send out the attachment which is the SO PDF with lines detail, in this way, we just notify the customer we have placed your order.

so, you see the trigger condition is right after “new record insert”

But ,if  customer insisted on receiving the attached SO details, how to define the “timing”?


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