How to delete unsent customer documents

  • 12 May 2023
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Hello, in this screenshot, how can I either delete these records or mark them as sent?



That’s question #1.  Question #2 is why are they there in the first place?  We are emailing these, I can look at the Activities tab on the customer and see that it was sent.  I do have “send user emails immediately” checked in Email Preferences.  Is that causing it?



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Hi @NathanKahn 
The generic inquiry verifies the Emailed or Don’t Email checkboxes located on the Financials tab.
Using the action of Email, under Printing and Emailing should mark the invoice as Emailed. Also, using the action of Mark as Do not Email will remove the document from the list. What steps are you following to send the email? 

To mass update the records, you can send the emails as follows: 

  • Under Customization (top right), use action of Edit Generic Inquiry
  • On the Entry Point tab, on the Entry Screen, set Invoices and Memos (AR.30.10.00) screen 
  • On the Entry Point tab, set Enable Mass Actions on Records as true 
  • On the Mass Actions add the line Email (PrintingAndEmailingID) 
  • Save
  • Now you can select and send the emails

The Mark as Do not Email action is not available under the Mass Actions tab. I would believe that with a customization it could be available. You could follow these steps: 



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Hi Anacarina, thanks for your help.

I think I see what is happening, we have the customers marked “send invoices by email”, and “print invoices” the box is cleared.  After we create an invoice, we “print invoiced” a copy for our records, and from this screen we also do “send” which will send an email.  We do not return to the actions and do “email invoice”.  We like the “send” screen because it’s easy to add a cc email address, or add a note to the body of the email.

BTW I have “send user emails immediately” selected in email preferences.  The above system is working for us except for the problem is they are not marked as emails.  Any ideas you have for a more efficient process would be appreciated.

I understand about the mass change of do not email, I will ask our VAR to fix that list of unsent emails after we have decided upon a solution to prevent new ones being added to the list.


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AR.30.10.00 is not available in the Select - Entry Screen.


Additionally, Enable Mass Actions on Records is also not available. 

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Sadly, this does not help either. Thank you anyway.


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