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  • 23 March 2023
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We are using Item Replenishment now.  And it works great.  We want to add Item CLASS replenishment.  We need help with understanding how Item CLASS replenishment works.  For example,(1)  in the Item CLASS settings tab, we do not see any MIN / MAX settings.  Where are these MIN / MAX setting set? (2) how does Acumatica know which item in the Item CLASS to reorder?  Does the system look to the ITEM replenishment to get the MIN / MAX amount to create the Item CLASS replenishment?  Thank you fo your help. 


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Hi @dougmcbride79 

There is no min/max on the item class. You still will need to setup the Min/Max on the individual item. The class is just the basic settings. 

There is the following options:

  • Item Class Settings: Demand will be calculated based on the availability calculation rule specified for this item class on the General tab of this form. Documents of the following types may be involved in the demand calculation: sales orders, transfers, and kit assembly documents (of the Production type).
  • Hard Demand Only: Demand will be calculated as (Qty. SO Allocated) + (Qty. SO Back Ordered) + (Qty. SO Shipped).


Acumatica supports replenishment at a fixed quantity and replenishment between the minimum and maximum quantities on the stock item. 

The system does not look at the item class for replenishment. When you are preparing replenishment, you can simply choose all the items of that class to replenish. 

@dougmcbride79 The actual replenishment will only be driven according to the settings you entered on the item level itself or on the item warehouse detail screen.

However you have the option the system should default some overall settings for each new item according to the item class settings, but detailed settings has to be entered per each item.

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I have created an import scenario in the past to solve for this problem. 


You can use the Stock Items GI (or a custom GI) as the source and a switch statement based on the internal value of item class to set min/max values for the item. 


You can schedule the import scenario to run regularly if you do not need any override capability. 


If you need overrides you can add them to your source restrictions list for the import scenario. 

If you would like to make this more dynamic use a custom GI as the source that joins the item to its class, then create a custom field on the item class screen that will hold the new min and max values. 


Hope this helps!


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