GI- how to dynamically limit the number of records to show in ALL RECORDS tab by a period of time without affecting the search of records prior to the time limitation?

  • 17 July 2023
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My customer averages 5000 to 6000 Sales Orders records per month, which means that when users go into the Sales Orders List screen (SO3010PL) which is a GI substitute list to find records, the All Records tab shows at the bottom a total (as of today 7/17) 7,784 PAGES

which are over 155,000 records - SO and RC:

They have always complaint about how slow Acumatica is finding records and it’s getting worst as the months go by. 

We have tried created Tabs, minimizing the quick search fields and so on w/o any luck.

ALL RECORDS tab (that is one created by Default by Acumatica) cannot be modified as far as I have tried and we want to find a way to have a second “All Records” tab and all it does, where we can limit the amount of data to show, in this case by last 12 months- as the Default Tab, which is a check mark we know and shared so everyone can see it, as the second tab after the All Records tab no matter how many other Tabs we have, shared or not.

The Sales Orders is one of the many PL they will like to have working faster but the amount of data they have and keep producing every month is making this list impossible to find transactions. 



This is what they have now, and I want to add THIS YEAR tab where the red arrow is:

Like this:


(I managed to do that from SQL tables, which of course it is not recommended to do, but hey...we are trying to come up with a solution)

Assuming we do this thru SQL (or not), then we need to make sure that if they use QUICK FILTER and then they click on link to view record, the user needs to have the same “quick filter” used when they go back to the list, like it does when you quick filter in All Records tab. 


When you filter in any other tab that is not the All Mighty (ALL RECORDS) the filters disappear.

Adding parameters and/or conditions to this will not work, since we don’t want them not to find records prior to the 12 months in case they need to.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Maybe one I haven’t tried, but I cannot list them all. 

Thank you.


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The issue is that it’s pulling in everything, even if your default tab has a filter on it.

The way I got around it is by creating a copy of the GI titled “All Sales Orders” which would be used by users if they want to find anything old.

For the regular one I created a filter on the backend of the GI in the conditions tab. See the image below.



I tried this a few months ago but they didn’t like it and hated the idea of having 2 separate lists in Sales Order Module. They want one list, many tabs where they don’t have to open more and more separate web pages tab. This customer has over 100 users and like I said before, SO is only one of the examples they want us to change. There are many other PL’s that they will want this. Doing this will create a lot more options in their module menus or maybe a whole entirely Module for HISTORY only, hmnn.

Happy Customer, Happy life- thanks. :)

I THINK I JUST FOUND IT!! ON GI I set the Top records, it shows the amount of records I want, with a warning that is limited, but I entered a search of a SO number not on top 1500 records and it found it! 

let me test it with them….




I think this is the solution- OMG!! 



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You might also try changing the auto-numbering sequence to contain some constant and date code.  I’ve used this at previous companies. 

Use an “S” as the constant for Sales

Next, use YY followed by MM

a dash (constant)

followed by the sequential number.  It would appear as S2307-000001.  This would make it easier to put in any filter since it has a date code.

Thank you both @ericwolfe74 and @jeff96 for your kind suggestions.

I think putting an amount in Top Records will work wonderfully for my client and the other 2 options suggested I will keep in mind. 

Hope this helps others in the community.

Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @willie98!


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