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Customers are being alerted by FedEx that the development for the FedEx Web Services (SOAP) integration has been discontinued in preparation for its retirement.  FedEx is suggesting to modernize the integration by using the FedEx API (REST) solution.  Does Acumatica have a schedule for the conversion of the FedEx plugin to use the FedEx Rest API services?


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In 2023 R1 we delivered an integration to FedEx using their REST API. 

Here is a snippet from the initial release notes:

In previous versions of Acumatica ERP, FedEx Web Services API V10 was used for the integration of the FedEx carrier service. Recently, FedEx informed developers that the service plans to stop supporting the Web Services API in the near future.
In Acumatica ERP 2023 R1, support of the FedEx REST API has been implemented to ensure that the users will be able to use the FedEx carrier service. Currently, both the FedEx Web Services API and the FedEx REST API are supported.

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Great; Thank you for the quick response.


@Doug Johnson 

Our Acumatica version is 2022R2 which was configured to use Fedex SOAP API.

Do we have to upgrade to Acumatica 2023R1 later versions, or only need to modify some (endpoints) configurations, in order to comply with Fedex REST API when Fedex disables the SOAP API services in the future ? Thanks!   

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Hello Doug,

Is there a document detailing how to set up the FedEx side of RESTful API to implement within Acumatica?  At the start of the process, one must create a Project and select needed APIs from a list of 12.  Which of all these APIs does Acumatica’s implementation support?  What is the minimum required to get rates for different services and print a shipping label?

Thank you,

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@Doug Johnson - DanielGLL above is looking for something like this document, but for the  FedEx REST API

How to create a FedEx account to configure integration with the carrier | Community (


Thank you!

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@DanielGLL The only information I am aware of is in our help files:

In the future we will be focusing on our integrations with EasyPost and ShipEngine. I would recommend investigating these options.

I have thoroughly explored the PX.FedExRestCarrier.FedExRestCarrier Plug-in for the FedEx Web Services API, and cannot get it to function.

I note that I have to use the production client ID and secret in ‘External Applications’ as ‘sandbox connections are not allowed’ in ‘Carriers > Test Connection’.

I have set up the API project correctly in the FedEX portal and added all the data required in instructions in the help, and in the release notes for ‘Integrations: Support of the FedEx REST API’ in ‘Release Notes 2023 R1’. I have set up and signed in as an External Application set to ‘13’, ‘FedEx Carrier Service’

Test Connection works, but is unreliable as an indicator because it is successfl with test or production endpoints and accounts and with no account or endpoints at all).

I can not get any rates to appear in Shipments > Shop for Rates.

Is there a recommended way to debug this? 

Note: This is for a system in the UK.

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@angusf it sounds like you have followed the appropriate steps. The next step would be to create a support case.

Note: we are focusing more on ShipEngine and EasyPost integrations for the foreseeable future. If you have an opportunity to explore these options, it might serve you well in the long run.

Thanks for the prompt (presumably very early in the morning) reply, appreciated.

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Hope everyone is doing well!

I’m unable integrate FedEx Sandbox credentials into External Application screen. I encountered the following error message: "Sandbox credentials not allowed in this environment. Please check your permissions and try again." Could you please advise on the appropriate steps to take in order to successfully integrate the FedEx Sandbox credentials into our External Application?

Thank you


Hi Jennifer, I had to use the production credentials to get anywhere, but I was unable to make this Plug In function properly.

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Hi Sir,

How to verify FedEx Label Certification for my Fedex account? Which label need to send them?

Thank you


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@jennifer39 please refer to this knowledgebase article for this known issue: How to resolve the 'Sandbox credentials not allowed in this environment' error when trying to sign in to the FedEx Carrier Service external application | Community (

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Here is a summary of the steps I went through at the FedEx Developer Portal to set up their RESTful API.

Log into FedEx Developer Portal.
Read Getting Started.
To access the RESTful APIs, an API Project is required.
To create an API Project, an Organization is required.
Create an Organization.
Create an API Project:
    Select: “Ships with FedEx and is using a third-party software solution that has requested API keys”.
    Fill in the form:
        Third-Party Company:  Acumatica
        Third-Party Product:  Acumatica Cloud ERP
        Third-Party Product Website:
    Select API Group: “Ship, Rate & Other APIs”.
    Select RESTful APIs:
        Address Validation – Selected.
        FedEx Locations Search – Not selected.  We have daily pick-up.
        Freight LTL – Not selected.
        Global Trade – Not selected.
        Ground End of Day Close – Selected, but not certain we needed.
        Open Ship – Selected.
        Pickup Request – Not selected.  We have daily pick-up,
        Postal Code Validation – Selected.
        Rates and Transit Times – Selected.
        Service Availability – Selected.
        Ship – Selected.
        Trade Documents – Not selected.
    Complete API Project.
Result:  a test API key / secret with a test URL.
With updated web.config the FedEx RESTful API integration works very well.
Send sample labels to FedEx and switch to Production keys.
Again update web.config.
You’ve got rates!

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Sandbox/TEST Endpoint URLs for anyone that has trouble finding them:


Cancel -

Rate -

Ship -

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@cdelacruz the sandbox URLs are mentioned in the help files:


We don’t mention Production URLs, except for the Login EndPoint. We will update our documentation to get those added in the future. 


In the meantime, for those looking for this information, the FedEx EndPoint URLs for configuring the FedEx REST integration are:

ID Sandbox URL Production URL


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Thank you @Omar Ghazi.


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