docusign or adobe

  • 29 April 2022
  • 2 replies

We have a client that is trying to decide to use docusign or Adobe.  Does anyone have a preference one over the other

2 replies

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Adobe offers the most features for the price, however after spending days trying to setup the integration we finally gave up. Adobe support has no idea what Acumatica is and the instructions for setup provided by Acumatica for the feature are inaccurate (most likely outdated).

Docusign is fairly straightforward. It would be nice if there was some kind of explanation as to what type of Adobe/Docusign account is necessary to make the integration work. We run the full level Adobe enterprise cloud, which includes Adobe Sign features however we don’t have access to the API from Adobe apparently, and every time we want to add it, Adobe guides us to a different page where we are directed to create a whole new account.  Too confusing so we abandoned the Adobe option. 

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@dharrison90 @sgaspar72 

To use Adobe Sign with API calls, you need Adobe Sign Solutions

> Teams Tab > Adobe Sign Solutions

You have to contact them for pricing. I was told 100 envelopes (sent/emailed documents) is their minimum plan. DocuSign starts at 480 envelopes per year. I have not tried either yet, but most people I talk to prefer DocuSign over Adobe Sign.

DocuSign also has a developer plan (free) that you can use to test the workflow and decide if you like it.


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