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  • 23 March 2023
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      We would like to charge every cusomter a same fee by using some (Means might not be only 1 line, might be several lines) Non-Stock items on SO/Invoice.

Everytime the sales person have to manually input the lines on SO or on Invoice.
      Is it possible to set default items, when typing SO or invoice, the default lines automatically filled in.


Best answer by aaghaei 23 March 2023, 09:04

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8 replies

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Hi @ray20 

can you check @Naveen Boga suggestions?


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Good suggestion by @manikantad18 and NaveenB solution. This can work if your driver to add one or more non-stock item is Inventory Item but the way I read your inquiry, the add-on item(s) are not tied to inventory items but to customers.

If I read your inquiry correctly, then you need to customize your customer’s screen by adding a new child grid that holds the add-on items as well as customizing Sales Order and Invoicing business logics to read from customers add-ons and insert/delete when an order/invoice is initiated This requires customization the same concept Naveen had mentioned.

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@aaghaei  Thank you. Your suggestion is abosultely a brilliant solution.  Actually, we did not need to place default items per customers.  All customers are chareged with same lines.  Do you know any simpler ways (besides code customization) to fulfill our need?
          Every order or Every invoice is initialized with ,let’s say , 2 or 3 fixed lines.

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@ray20 im afraid I’m not aware any built-in functionality to serve your purpose.

But, possibly considering your recent comment, the easiest and most logical code customization is to add a check box ✅ to inventory items (non-stock in your case) that if checked then at invoice initialization we can add the select items to your AR/SO lines automatically.

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Hi @ray20 

You may explore using document template option. Here is how it works,

  • create a new document, select a dummy/test customer
  • select required default items with respective price to the document
  • save the document as template
  • when you create a new document, first copy the template
  • the dummy customer selected on template and set of items get added on your document automatically
  • change the customer and proceed entering your regular items

The limitation I noticed here are

  • you need to select a customer on template first and then change it when you copy template on new document
  • The default items get added first (top lines)

Hope this helps,



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@aaghaei @vkumar Thank you both for your bright ideas.  Vkumar gives the easiest way to go, as a person not familiar with coding, I choose this way to go.  But aaghaei’s suggestion might be the most suitable one if someone else wants the need be fulfilled perfectly.  So I mark aaghei’s suggestion as best answer for other’s reference. Thank you both again.


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Hi @ray20 
Another alternative that will not require coding, is to use Business Events and Import Scenarios. 
On the following idea, I explained how to do this on the Service Order form but you could apply the same approach for Sales Order or Invoices:


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@Anacarina Calvo  Great ideas. Thank you.


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