customer with credit retention or withheld, orders cannot be registered

How about, if a customer or supplier is placed in credit retention or retained status, it does not appear in the modules, for example customers, it does not appear to register orders, does anyone know if there is a solution to avoid this situation?

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Are you suggesting an idea for Acumatica future releases, or asking a question?

I notice the post is tagged with ‘2020 R2’. An upgrade to a supported version is the first step -- to take advantage of new features that may answer your question or provide the needed features.

After upgrading to 2022 R1 you still have a question, please post again with more detail of what is happening, what you’d like to happen, and screen shots. Good luck!

Hello Laura, thanks for the answer, I confirm that it is a question.

@jcesar Could you please define what you mean by -  credit retention or retained status 

Can you show a example in a screen capture?


Thank you 


Hello @dales50  thanks for the attention and of course, I share capture



@jcesar I think I know understand you question.  When customer status is on hold or on credit hold you are not able to enter a sales order because the customer is not available to select for the sales order customer.

The best way to manage customers on hold or or credit hold would be to create generic inquiry and / or a dashboard to provide a list of customer on on hold or on credit hold such as in shows below for the Sales Demo data


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Here is a definition from the Acumatica Help, regarding available Customer Statuses and their behaviors in version 2022 r1:

There is also a related setting in AR Preferences, whether a warning should appear or whether Invoices are placed on Hold when a customer fails the credit check:

I hope this helps you decide a new status for your customer.

Thank you for your comments. In summary, we can't do anything, not even by adapting the code to the system, so that when the client is on hold or credit withholding, it allows sales orders to be registered? Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I expect if you are a developer or if you hire a developer, such as your Partner, the screens and behaviors can be modified to allow orders for customers with Hold status.


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