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  • 1 October 2022
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We operate a wholesale business where all of our customers are assigned a discount level off of our list price.  Some customers also have customer specific prices on a few items that we have negotiated.  This was a simple structure to manage in quickbooks using pricing rules but seems to be very complex to set up in acumatica.  Wondering if anyone else has come up with a good way to make this work in acumatica.

Our challenges:

  1. Utilizing Sales price worksheets we can set up a worksheet for each discount level using customer price classes.  We can also set up a customer specific worksheet for the special pricing some customers receive. Both of these function perfectly.  Our problem is that we add items on a daily basis and using the above method we will have to manually create a new price worksheet for every new item we create. 
  2. Utilizing Discount codes we can set up a discount code for each discount level and assign those to our customers however these discounts apply to everything including any customer specific pricing a customer might have meaning that it often will end up pricing products below our cost in these scenarios.

Has anyone else come up with a workaround for this?


Quickbooks has similar functionality but on the customer specific price list it has a checkbox for “Exclusive” which means when this pricing is used do not combine any other price rules.  It seems like this could be replicated on the sales price worksheet by adding this checkbox which will then tell the system not to apply any discount codes on top of the customer specific pricing.


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Regarding your first question, unfortunately, you will have to set up pricing for each new item.

Regarding your second question, you can set Acumatica not to apply discounts when the price is class or customer-specific. To set it up, go to Accounts Payable Preferences > Discounts (tab) (AR101000) and uncheck "Apply Line Discounts to Price Specific To…."

I hope this helps.

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I really appreciate the help @yisroel39 .  The setting you mention is actually under the Accounts Receivable Preferences but that is exactly what we were needing.  It is working perfectly now.

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Opps, you are right! my mistake. I’m glad it worked out.

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There is a product called Rockton Pricing Management that allows you to do this easily and there are multiple ways you can set up pricing.  If your pricing is based on cost, if there is anything on the record that identifies the item that could be used on a filter, then you wouldn’t have to setup a sales pricing worksheet every time, when you add that field, it would be based on the identifying field (i.e. item class).  If interested, you can find more information in the Acumatica Marketplace


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