Changing Sales UOM of the template item in use

  • 5 January 2021
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I am currently using template items and I created 4 matrix items from it.

There are transactions on those items, but we would want to change the Sales UOM to something different.  But it is both gray out and in the Stock profile.  Is there any way to unlock the UOM to make this change and the Base UOM is each.


Much thanks


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6 replies

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Hello @Nelson Yip, sorry for the long reply.

The Base UOM field is disabled when the stock item has either quantity on hand or plans (lines shown in the Inventory Allocation Details irrespective of the Allocation Type). There were also a known issue related to this field, please check the following KB if it applues to you: 

The Sales UOM field doesn’t have any restrictions. If you having issues with it, please contact your Acumatica Support provider.

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Hello Irina,

This is a newly created matrix item from a template id CCA014.

As you see the sales unit is locked.



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@Nelson Yip did you ever receive an answer on how to change the UOM of a template item? I don’t think the post by Irina is the same issue you are trying to resolve.

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We’ve just encountered the same issue: Acumatica does not allow changing any of the UOM on a matrix item.

This is a newly created matrix item in an environment that doesn’t have any transactions or on hand inventory and the UOM fields are greyed out and not editable.

This a a major obstacle for our customers.


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Also noticing this issue. Given that you can change UOMs for a Stock Item, I’m surprised to find this restriction for a matrix item.

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Hello members,

There is an enhancement in the upcoming release that provides greater flexibility when it comes to UOMs and Matrix Items:

Here is the extract from the Beta1 Release Notes:

AC-196675: On the Template Items (IN203000) form, the Sales Unit and Purchase Unit boxes on the General tab were not available for editing for a template item that had at least one matrix item generated. On the Stock Items (IN202500) and Non-Stock Items (IN202000) forms, the same boxes were not available for editing for matrix items.




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