Can someone help me make sense of Acumatica's Inventory Balances?

  • 15 June 2022
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Here is an example item. I have created a number of purchase orders for this item, and then I received them. You can see there are 3 purchase receipts, all of 1730 LBS of this item. Then we have 1 sales order for 346 LBS of this item. The “Available” quantity of this item is -346, and the Available for Shipping is zero.

Can someone please help me understand why that is? On receipt, I assign a Lot/Serial number to these items. Does this somehow segregate this from the main inventory calculation figures? If I have received 1730 * 3, and I have one order for 346, then why is my Available still negative and my Available For Shipping zero?

P.S. There was a warehouse attached to these records, but I have redacted it. Just pretend its name is DEFAULTWHSE for the purposes of this discussion.







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Hi @rosenjon,


If the Release IN Documents Automatically check box is selected on the PO Preferences form:


The automatic release of IN Receipts created upon releasing PO Receipts is allowed. Please, check, that this check box is selected on your instance.

I then tested the scenario with processing a PO Receipt on the Receipt and Put away form on the SalesDemo data with 22.105 build and during my testing, an IN Receipt was automatically released along with the PO Receipt and further, I used the @putaway operation to move an item to another warehouse location and the created 1-step transfer was released by clicking to the Release Transfer button.

Here are the screenshots with my testing results.

Scan logs:


PO Receipt with the released IN Receipt:


1-step transfer:


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@RoyceLithgo You were correct, the receipt is not released. I was confused, because I released the Purchase Receipt. But it appears that there is also an Inventory Receipts section, and that I have to Release it there in order for it to show up in the warehouse balances.

What’s really really confusing, is that in the Acumatica WMS Warehouse app, it appears that the “Receive and Put Away” section is referencing the “financial” purchase receipt number, not the inventory receipt. But “putting away” items from the WMS app don’t appear to increase the inventory balances (this is one of those times when I realize I must be doing something stupid...since it can’t really work this way).

Any help anyone?

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Looks like someone else has seen this happen as well:


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I decided to try with a totally different item that only has one unit of measure. I created a purchase order for 100 of this item, created a purchase receipt, moved past the “Hold” part of the purchase receipt, and then received the item to a location using “Receive and Putaway” in the mobile app. Apparently the reason why Acumatica keeps telling me that there is no inventory, is that it is setting the inventory balance to negative in the WMS, even if I am receiving a positive inventory balance in Acumatica. Per below, the quantity on “Purchase Orders” is negative 100, but the balance is not added to the location I tried to send it. Has anyone seen this happen before?



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I “expanded by lot/serial number”, but still all zeros. Even if the sales orders do not have a lot number, shouldn’t the available balance be reflected correctly?

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Have you tried specifying one of the lot numbers you receipted against in the sales order? I suspect it’s due to the sales order not having a lot # but the receipts do, or the receipts not released.


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