Block all actions after Confirm Shipment on the Shipment screen

  • 8 March 2022
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2 of our customers have asked us to hide the Update IN and prepare invoice screen on the shipment screen.

I tired to do this with permissions but am not well versed in it. After some research, it looks like I will need to do it through a custom work flow.

  1. Is this the right way to do this?
  2. Can I tie different workflows to specific roles?
  3. If not, do I just create a new screen based on it, add it to the site map and tie that to the role?

All advice appreciated and thanks in advance.


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If the customer wants to block specific user roles from invoicing or updating inventory, then permissions are the way to go.

Editing workflows are global and will affect all users. If the intention is that no user should invoice, then the workflow is a good option. Workflows are not tied to specific users. Workflows are tied to particular document states (e.g., a field is set to a particular value)

That being said, if they want to simply take the two options off the top bar (and leave them in the actions menu) you can do that through workflows.

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I already tried using permissions to block the Update IN and  and Prepare Invoice Actions in the Shipment (SO302000) form. I need to block them but also make them invisible if possible.


Can you point me in the right direction?


Thank you for your help.

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What specific issues are you having? are the buttons still being displayed?

I hope the below helps!


Will any user need access to these buttons? If specific users need access and others don’t, you should go down the permission route. Permission in Acumatica goes by the most permissive role assigned to the user. So if you are trying to revoke an action in one role and the user has another role that permits them, the user will have access to the action. Permissions can get complicated. 

You can learn more about the permissions and how they work here:


Modifying a Workflow:

Workflows are a powerful tool to help drive a business process. It allows you to define document status and the next steps a user should take. Workflows are global to the state of a document. They can be connected to a specific field.

To modify a workflow, you have to create a customization. Press the “customize existing screen” and add the shipment (SO302000) screen in the customization. 

Under workflows, press “add workflow” and override the default workflow. Acumatica will copy it. Activate the new workflow. 

Open the new workflow and select the “confirmed” state. Under the actions tab, you can either deselect the “duplicate on toolbar” (this will remove it from the top bar) or deselect “active,” which will remove it altogether. Please ensure that the business scenario does not require invoicing from a shipment. The workflow is a global setting and will affect all users.



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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, reading the manual after a good nights sleep sure helped!

It was actually easy to understand and implement. All works as it should now.



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