After upgrading to 2020R2, shipment status is not right and How can I fix it.

  • 10 December 2020
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 Hello, we are using 2020R2, Build 20.203.0028. Our operation stuff report an issue, that 1 shipment is still confirmed status while the invoice and IN issue doc already been generated and released.


I don’t know the user’s steps and he could not remember. And this issue happens to only 1 shipment not all. And previously in 2020r1, we didn’t encounter this kind of issue. So my large guess it is causing by our recent upgrading from 2020r1 to 2020r2. see below:



Since this issue happened only once, the root cause might not be easily found.
Can anyone firstly give me some directions to quickly fix it, I mean, might correct the shipment status to right.
If I simply update it in DB to status completed? Is it a good way to go?
And if the root cause could be guessed out, it would be very helpful for us to prevent this same kind of issue in the future.
Thank you.


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Hi @ray20 Thanks a lot for sharing the details here.


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Thank you everyone, 
as the support team pointed out, the best anwser to this kind of issue is “submitting a support case” and let the support team to review the data.

any case might be different, for my case alone, 

Their feedback:

I checked the issue but I didn't find any inconsistencies with Shipment 053859 except status.

Usually such an issue with status happen when shipment counters are not correct (BilledOrderCntr, ReleasedOrderCntr, UnbilledOrderCntr), but I checked them and they look fine.

So to fix the issue you need to update status of the shipment via script:

Unfortunately this is difficult to say why the issue happened for now because we do not have any logs or repro steps.

So could you please enable Field Level Audit for Shipments screen (SOSHIPMENT, SOORDERSHIPMENT tables) and report us back if the problem re occur again?


Note: I hide the script, causing every case is unique, and I don’t recommend to direclty manipulate the DB, unless the emergency and very necessary.

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@mvolshteyn , hello,Mark,I have submitted a support case, and now this case seems like being assigned to you. Please help me to fix it.
And if it is possible, I would like to know the root cause, then we can prevent it happen in the future.

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@ray20 , this issue is addressed by db scripts, but we do not provide them here (because data needs to be studied first)

Please create a support case (unless created already) and Acumatica support will address the issue

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This can be due to customization or could be due to corrupted Automation steps in the instance. 

On the first place, DB update is not recommended unless if it is urgent and you cannot find the root cause of it. 

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Hello ; 


I have the same problem :/ with two of the shipments and they happen to be related to the same invoice


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