Add Shipping and Handling Charge to Sales Orders

  • 14 January 2021
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My company adds $3.75 handling fee to outbound UPS shipments. This amount is added to the freight cost we incur from the carrier (UPS), the sum of the two quantities (freight cost + our handling fee) are combined and billed to the customer on their invoice.


I see handling charges can be added using SHIPPING TERMS, which can be assigned within CUSTOMER CLASSES. However, if I have a sale that is delivered via my company’s truck or if the customer picks up at my facility there should not be a shipping and handling charge.


I’d like to avoid relying on users to manually change the SHIPPING TERMS on a sales order each time there is a customer pickup or deliver via our truck.


Is there a way to attach the shipping and handling charge to SHIP VIA or CARRIER so this is automated? There must be something I’m missing in order to accomplish this. We are not the only company to use freight padding.

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5 replies

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I also wish the Shipping Terms were integrated with the Ship Via records. There are a few workarounds I have been using. They are not always viable depending on the business

You can define new Sales Order Type(s) to be used for Will Call and/or Company Truck, then uncheck the calculate freight box in the new Order Types record(s). In the case of a Will Call order however, this does not address sales tax calculation.

To address sales tax calculation, we have added Will Call location(s) to customers with the appropriate shipping instructions and addresses of the pickup locations.






Having the flexibility to manage shipping and handling surcharges charges based on each particular ship via has been  standard with most ERP systems for many years. It is past time for Acumatica to provide this basic functionality.




I’ve worked in other ERPs that had additional “miscellaneous charge” fields on the totals tab. You could set up auto-calc if you wanted, but most folks just added what they needed manually based on a code. Maybe I have a S&H fee I add, or a Delivery Fee, or even a Fulfillment Fee. I could also control which codes posted to which GL accounts, since I might not want things that are not directly freight charges posting to my shipping or freight income account.

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Acumatica has a “Base Rate” for Ship Via which works as a S&H charge… but it is only available if the Ship Via is not using an external plug-in.


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@Ahmed  and only if you are not using “Manual”



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