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  • 17 July 2021
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      I think it is possible, I am just seeking whether there is existed solution, or how difficult if I have to do it on my own.

      We plan to integrate 1 Acumatica tenant with another Acumatica tenant. For simplicity, they can exist in 1 Acumatica instance/url address for the time being. For the long run, they may sit in different Acumatica instances.

      The need is below:
Supposing we are having 1 Acumatica tenant A, as  Distribution center, all the inventory are stored there. But the inventory belonged to other owners. The distribution center only provide receiving, storage, delivery service. 
And we are having several sales channels in Acumatica as Tenant B or C. The sales channels will receive orders and payment from end customers.


        When Acumatica tenant B receive order from customer, it sync the order to tenant A.
        Tenant A do the shipping, and sync the shipment information to tenant B. (Maybe no inventory deduction in tenant B, causing the real goods are stored and shipped from tenant A). Just tell tenant B the goods are shipped and how many are shipped.
         Tenant A issue invoice to tenant B for storage and freight fee.
         Tenant B issue invoice to its customer for the goods sold.

Note: all the tenants mentioned above are different legal entities, so they are better not staying in 1 tenant as different companies. 


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8 replies

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Can anyone give me some directions on this topic?
Is there any solution provided originally or by software vendor?

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@ray20 Tenants in Acumatica are erp instances. With my understanding, you need to integrate different tenants if you want to sync data.(openapi,soap,scenario...)  Why do you use branches and warehouses to sperate data ? That’s will be easier for your case.


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Thank you for your opinion. 
Different companies in 1 tenant seems like an easier way to go. But it can not be applied.

The most reason is they might belong to different legal entities, and they don’t want to share the customer data, vendor data and inventory data and so on.
I know we can use access control, but it would make things more complicated.

Another reason we have to use different tenants is we have to do item mapping. 1 same item , might be named itemA in company A but itemB in company B.

Do you know is there any existed software vendor solution on tenant integrations?

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@ray20 I don’t any vendor have this kind of solution. You can look up on the market. 

I also have two thoughts that you can done by yourself. Just for you reference.

1.Use ETL tool to sync data on database level if you have same IT depot.

cons : You need to rebuild integration solution if some one want to quite the group.

pros : Fast data sync and easy to control.

2.Since you have same data format, use import/export scenario to sync data on ftp/sftp server.

cons: Need to set up a ftp/sftp server.

pros: Easiest solution for your case.



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hello, thank you very much for your bright ideas.
For idea 1, to manipulate on database level is very risky. Acumatica has complicated table structure. I prefer not to do this.

For idea 2, it is really brilliant. in this way, it even can be done in automation.  Although it is not perfect, it can solve the need in short term.

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@ray20 Yes. Working on database is very risky. It request a good integration team. Even need to set up a MDM to exchange data.  However you will find a good way for your case. :smile:

Hi - have you moved forward with this?

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Hi - have you moved forward with this?

@jwilliams42  I am sorry for the late reply. on vacations.
No, we did not get into actions yet, still in seeking solutions.  Do you need some help or you have an existed solution?


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