Ability to close Sales Order Line from the shipping screen if shipping short

  • 22 February 2023
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I am familiar with Shipping Rules on customers.

However, is there a way when entering a shipment to make the sales order LINE “complete” or “closed” directly in the shippping screen, or are shipping rules the only way to short ship a sales order line and close it short?

Does “Cancel remainder” auto close the sales order line short?

Does it close it even if you have inventory but choose not to ship it on this order?


  • Ship Complete: Only completely fulfilled orders are allowed.
  • Back Order Allowed: Back orders are allowed for the customer if some items are out of stock.
  • Cancel Remainder: Orders should be shipped even if the quantities shipped are less than the quantities specified on the order. If all the requested items are out of stock, the order should be canceled.

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Hi @ltussing03 

If the line is marked as Cancel remainder, it will auto close the sales order line when you ship with a shipment quantity less than the order line qty.  If you want it to allow you to ship partially on one shipment and then on another later, you would want the line to be Back Order Allowed.

If you have inventory but choose not to ship it immediately, it should remain open as a line to be fulfilled on the next shipment.

Hope this helps!

David Eichner, CPA

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Understood and thank you.  They wanted to give the shipper the ability to close short directly from the shipment screen even if it was set to back order allowed.


Not necessarily a bad thing Acumatica doesn’t allow the shipper to do this.


Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


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