1 Purchase Receipt = 1 AP Bill without individually releasing each AP bill?

  • 14 April 2023
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Our company often receives one line on a PO across multiple deliveries, requiring multiple Purchase Receipts to complete the line.

We would like to ease the AP workflow by using ‘Automatically create AP bills’, but we have found that Acumatica only allows one (unreleased) AP Bill for each PR. Our accountant has to manually find each purchase receipt, click ‘Create AP bill’, release the AP Bill, then move on to the next PR. For hundreds of PRs, this becomes rather tedious.

Is there any setting to enable the creation of AP Bills from each PR one-to-one without having to release the AP bills beforehand?

Preferably, AP bills would be automatically created each time Logistics releases the PR, then Accounts just needs to batch release using Release AP process. 


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I don’t think there is any setting to allow multiple open AP Bills for one receipt in current versions of Acumatica.

Because you are receiving multiple deliveries, I think you do want to continue having Multiple Receipts, with each PO Receipt matching up quantities and costs to a particular delivery.

We want to match the AP Bills in Acumatica similarly, to timing and to the number of bills the Vendor is sending. Does each of your deliveries have a separate AP Bill?  Or does the vendor send one invoice when all deliveries are completed?  Do the bills come in the package, or later by email?

I think you don’t want to auto-create bills from receipts. When the Bill or Bills arrive:

Begin in AP Bill screen and Select Add PO, Add PO Line, Add PO Receipt or Add PO Receipt Line. Alternatively, if the vendor sent one Bill for one PO across many receipts, the AP person may choose to go to the Purchase Order and choose action Create AP Bill from the PO.

To ease the work of AP, try adding the PO Number to the PO Receipts preview list. There are complete instructions offered by @DanielByrum in the following thread: 

There is a related Idea we can vote for in the Community, for mass processing options in PO, and this idea might improve options for purchasing and AP:


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Most deliveries should have a separate AP Bill, and those few suppliers with exceptions can be setup to not auto-create AP bills.

Adding PORs manually to the AP bill is fine, but it comes back to additional worksteps needed (creating the AP bill even when receipt is already released), which the ‘Auto-create AP Bills’ checkbox was presumably added to eliminate. It’s unfortunate that the general idea was clearly there, but fails at the final stage due to PORs not being able to bill independently for some reason. 

Sales module doesn’t have this problem, and separate Invoices can be made for separate Shipments without issue. Unfortunately, module inconsistency seems to be a common issue.


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