Push notification - Inserted array is blank

  • 13 March 2022
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Hoping someone can help guide me in the right direction. 

I have a basic GI with two tables (employee left joined with contact table). The GI has just a few fields in the result grid.

I setup a push notification to push to a webhook. I’m seeing odd behavior, where the inserted array below is blank and only the deleted shows up. 


Any idea what could be the cause of this issue and/or how to resolve?



{  "Inserted": [],  "Deleted": [    {      "Acu_Salesperson_ID__c": "1",      "Acu_Status__c": "x",      "Acu_CRM_Location__c": "xx",      "Acu_First_Name__c": "xx",      "Acu_Last_Name__c": "xx",      "RECORD_NAME": "xx",      "RECORD_ID": "12345"    }  ],  "Query": "GINAME",  "CompanyId": "COMP NAME",  "Id": "4b38f85f-adcd-4814-a0f2-ed399f0687b7",  "TimeStamp": 637827401083003674,  "AdditionalInfo": {    "PXPerformanceInfoStartTime": "03/13/2022 03:48:27"  }}

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3 replies

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Hi, @ckwiat46  Can you please let us know the requirement of building a Push Notification. Also, can you please provide the below details?

  • What action you did perform and what is your expectation on the Push Notification array.
  • Can you please share the XML format GI, that you configured with the Push Notification. 

Basically, Push Notification will show the details in the 3 array blocks, when you perform the below activities.

  • Insert New Record: New record insertion data will show on the INSERTED array block and DELETED, UPDATED will blank
  • Update a Record: INSERTED block will have updated data and DELETED block will show the old record details, UPDATED block will be blank.
  • Delete a Record: Only the DELETED block will show the deleted record details and INSERTED&UPDATED will be blank.

Recommendation: Always try to keep Push Notification GI as simple as possible, without using joins 

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I figured out my issue. Stupid/Careless. I had select top set to 1 for testing. once removed, that fixed. 

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It happens :wink: Thanks for sharing the update.



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