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It doesn’t happen very often, but a few times users have hit the delete button at the top header of an opportunity when they were just trying to delete a detail line of the opportunity.  When this happens ,the opportunity is deleted along with all the tracked activities, quotes etc.  There is no message that says “Do you want to delete this opportunity?”.  It would be great if a warning or message could be added as a reminder to warn the user they are deleting the opportunity.  Or even to have a checkbox added to the preferences window where users could select to display warnings before deleting opportunities.


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I’ve worked with customers in similar situations having the same problems, although, Acumatica does use a browser dialog to confirm a delete (see screenshot). If this is not adequate, a very simple customization can be used to provide a scarier-looking dialog.



Well I will delete this because you are correct, you do get a dialog/warning message if you delete an opportunity. I thought the user told me they didn’t get one and didn’t test it.  So my apologies. I am incorrect on this.  It is working as designed and as they need.  And yes, if we wanted to prevent deletes we could write a customization to do so.  Thank you for responding.  I will test myself next time before submitting the question.  Need more coffee!  :)


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