Unable to add Vendor to AP Bill

  • 24 April 2023
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The user is entering Bills and Adjustments, and when they use the lookup in the Vendor field, select the related Vendor, the ID populated the field momentarily, then disappears acting as if a Vendor hasn’t been inserted. What would cause this to happen?


Best answer by aaghaei 25 April 2023, 16:01

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8 replies

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HI @lmayse38 

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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Please clarify if this is happening to a specific use or is sitewide. If Sitewide, then I would say probably you have a customization in place that causes the issue. If it is specific to a user, then either should be a permission issue or problematic cache/cookies that granting permissions and/or resetting the browser should fix the issue.

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HI @lmayse38 

Usually as @aaghaei stated, this may be a cache issue and you may need the user to clear their cookies.

Is this just for one user?

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@lmayse38 adding to the points above, could it be related to user roles? Does this person normally enter bills and has anything changed recently?

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Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Here is what has been determined thus far:

  1. This is system wide, not user specific.
  2. User has cleared browser cache and refreshed system, yet results are the same.
  3. User roles are in place and have been verified. This occurs at user level as well as ADMIN.
  4. Customizations have been republished and issue still exists.
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Jumping in here to add my two cents, have you tried in private browser mode?



Nirav Shah

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Considering it’s systemwide, as mentioned earlier I highly suspect it is a faulty customization. Just to test, have everyone out of system, unpublished ALL customization (when done make sure non is ticked) test your issue. If issue still persist create a support ticket with Acumatica otherwise have your customizer(s) review their packages.


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