SO Line Total amount does not match Quote Amount if Quote price is manually changed

  • 22 June 2023
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Is this a known issue? This happens in 23.101.

I enter a configurable product in sales quote, configure it and say the rolled up price is $1,000. The rollup method is Children All.

Then I manually override the unit price in the Quote line to $1,100.

However, after converted to sales order, the Line Total amount (tab Total) becomes $1,200.

It looks like system adds the difference between original price and the manual price into the sales Line Total price. No other charges added such as miscellaneous, freight, etc.



Rolled up price:

Converted to Sales Order:


If I zero out the quantity (from tab DETAILS), it should put all values to zero however it does not.


5 replies

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HI @kristianharianja 

I tested the same way you did and got the same results, it appears to keep the difference that is added and that is probably standard functionality.


Have you asked Acumatica Support?

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@kandybeatty49 I have no access to Acumatica partner portal as I am MYOB partner but I have raised case for them which will likely be escalated to Acumatica.

It’s weird though if that is standard functionality and designed that way. Salesperson should be able to change price in quote as part of negotiation with their client and that should be the price that flows through to order total. When sales order form is printed, it’s simply wrong figure.

It works as expected on regular item but not on configurable items.

I guess this issue might have not been raised by anyone but this is a big problem for our customer. 

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@dgodsill97 @stephenhennelly Did you come across this issue before?

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I have not, and no client has reported it.

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Hi @kristianharianja were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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