Cannot open this record for editing: The form AR302000 does not contain it.

  • 14 February 2024
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What is the Branch on the item or document  that cannot be opened? In addition to having access rights to the Screen in question, do you have rights to the Branch Role that matches the Branch on the document?



Hi Laura,

Thank you for your reply.

I am unable to access refunds in both branches. But I can access payments.

Yes, I do have access to everything because my role is database administrator. Regardless, all of our employees have access to both branches at our Company.

Any other thoughts?

I am so grateful for your help.


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Hello TamiLynn,

Thank you, I think I understand your question. You are saying that when you open AR Payments and Applications, an error appears when you choose one of these Document types and then choose any reference number?

If I am showing the actions that lead up to the error correctly, I think the next step is to see if customizations are published on your site. As an administrator, you will have access to Customizations → Customization Projects screen. (Keep in mind, you may have to check multiple tenants on the site to fully see all customizations that might be installed on the current tenant.) 

If you find any published customization packages, the next step is to temporarily un-publish the customizations and find out if the error on Refunds still appears with customizations temporarily unpublished.



Hi Laura,

Yes, correct. Only when I choose a document type of Refund or Voided Refund, and any reference number.

We do have a customization on AR302000 for credit card processing.

I will take the steps you recommended when everyone is logged out and I will provide the results.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!




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