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  • 12 July 2023
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I work for a large construction company, currently the thought process is to set- up all of our Revenue Budgets at the Task level only and to set-up our Cost Budgets at the Task and Cost Code level. The reason for this is to provide a high level view at the Revenue we are receiving and giving us the ability to be more specific and detailed within the Cost Budget, by adding that additional layer of identification with the Cost Code.

By setting up each budget at a seperate level of detail, completely makes the WIP report unusable. The system will not recognize funds allocated to cost codes within the Cost Budget because the Revenue budget auto-assigns the default (0000)  cost code to anything labeled with just a Task. Please see the example below.

Is this the way we should be thinking about both Budgets?

Is their anyway to reconcile this without having both budgets at the Task and Cost Code level?

Is anyone else out there running Revenue budgets and Cost Budgets at different levels of detail?

How would you recommend we move forward to ensure we can maximize the use of the WIP reports built within the system?



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Hi @Krich ,

Your sample is the WIP Detail Report, the WIP Report (non-detailed) will provide you the roll-up values for each project, but it sounds like you also want to see the revenue tied to each cost budget line?  Is that correct?  Are you looking to enter billing amounts by cost budget detail, but produce a ProForma Invoice to the customer summarized?  Within Project Setup / Summary tab, there is an AIA Level drop-down ‘Summary/Detail’ that can roll-up the continuation page by task (Summary) or show each detail revenue budget line.

I think some of the direction you want to think about is where the revenue should be identified, cash collected, invoicing requirements, etc.  

There is also a ‘Revenue Task’ field on the Project Cost Budget tab (may be hidden on your system) that is currently a reference field, but you may be able to use it for grouping detailed cost to a summarized revenue budget.


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Hello @joelhoffman,

I appreciate your response. Yes, You’re correct the example shown is the WIP Detail report. My hope is there would be some way for the system to recognize the fact that the Cost Codes within the Cost budget are linked to the Revenue Tasks and would recognize the distribution of those funds across the multiple cost codes. The way I’ve come to understand the system is that would only be possible if both the Revenue and Cost Budget are set at the same Level (Task and Cost Code). My question was generally inquiring if that mode of thinking was correct. 

If you look at the top line in the report I’ve shown, you can see there was a revised Revenue amount of $112,138.88 is being treated as 100% profit instead of the Cost values that were spent within the Cost Budget aligned with the same 0100 Task. 

Due to the system not recognizing the connection across Tasks, it then shows every expense as having an estimated negative amount. Instead of deducing it from the sum of the Revenue allocated to Task 0100.

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Hi @Krich,

It is important to ensure that the system is configured to establish the link between revenue tasks and corresponding cost codes. This may require setting both the revenue and cost budgets at the same level of detail (task and cost code) to enable the system to recognize the distribution of funds across multiple cost codes.

By aligning the budget structure and ensuring proper linkage between revenue tasks and cost codes, the system should be able to accurately reflect the expenses associated with the revenue generated for each task. This will result in more reliable WIP reports and better tracking of project profitability.




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Hi @sweta68,


I appreciate you’re input. Your sentiment mirrors my initial feelings on the matter when I first discovered this issue with how my company chose to set the budgets up at different levels. I’ll be sure to take this back to my team to better support my advocacy. Rationally, it never made sense to me as to why they ever wanted each budget at different levels in the first place.


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@Krich i agree with Sweta, you may want to explore having the same set up for the cost and revenue budgets.  you can still have the AIA or proforma’s still show only the task (might be a small modification but shouldn’t be too difficult!)


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