Purchase order - Editing of cost in detail row seem possible after a receipt

  • 11 August 2023
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I remarked that it’s possible to edit a unit cost of a row in the grid of a Purchase Order once the item in question is already received, is it normal? I think that should be in read only?! 


4 replies

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@raphrf  I strongly agree with you, this should be un-editable.


It appears you are talking about form PO301000 (Purchase Order).  I am currently in 2022R2.  That form does not allow modification of the Unit Cost once your PO has been transitioned to OPEN/COMPLETED/CLOSED/CANCELLED statuses.  You did not mention the status of the document you are speaking of either.  So, based on my observation in my tenant, you should not be able to modify the Unit Cost on the PO301000 form … UNLESS… your PO status is ON HOLD (it is still in the creation/entry mode).  I am still relatively new to Acumatica myself (about 8 months).  However, I have been working on customization projects.  The behavior of the Unit Cost is managed via either the WORKFLOW of the Form as defined in environment, or perhaps a code graph created by someone to change the WORKFLOW.  Access to both of those capabilities requires elevated permission within your tenant.  You may want to work with your Acumatica Partner and review this with them.  Again, if your PO (Form PO301000) is not still “ON-HOLD,” I would agree the Unit Cost should not be modifiable without customizations.  If you process your PO along the normal line of progress from Purchase Order to Purchase Receipt to Inventory Receipt (Stock Items), you should expect the behavior I described.  You will have similar observations if you look at a PO Receipt (Form PO302000).  While “On-Hold” or “Balanced,” you can modify the Unit Cost.  Once RELEASED, you cannot modify the Unit Cost of the PO Receipt document.  Again, still somewhat new to Acumatica myself, but this information should be accurate.



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Thank you @mrhoades you are correct.  @raphrf please let us know what version you are on and the status of the PO

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Hi @raphrf were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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