Proforma - Unbilled Remainder VS Project Balance

  • 7 September 2023
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In a project, we have a cost in actual, let say :

Original cost Laptop 1ea 500 =500
Total in actual cost balances       =500

We did a Proforma with some row Status setted  at  Hold remainder with a amount less than the cost. We released it. :

Hold remainder Latptop 1ea 400 =400


I remarked that since it’s done, i have the expense row twice in the actual cost( one for the original transaction, one for the Unbilled Remainder). 

Hold remainder Latptop 0ea 100 =100
Original cost Laptop 1ea 500 =500
Total in actual cost balances       =600😶

I saw in help this :

I dont see at the moment any reversal transaction.

So, at this moment there is a problem my expense balance isnt good because it sum up both amount.


I said to myself that possibly they (developer) have thought of reversing it on the next invoice. So I did the next invoice, a write off the remainder, and now, the Reversal transaction appear.

So, Now we have good expenses balances.

Hold remainder Latptop 0ea 100 =100
Original cost Laptop 1ea 500 =500
Hold remainder reversal(second invoice) Latptop 0ea 100 =-100
Total in actual cost balances       =500


I understand the reason to create the cost row in order the Billing process will scan it at the next time for the remainder. But the project balance don’t have to take it in account. Unless I missed something, I believe it is not acceptable and i can’t conceive that the cost balances are not good at the moment the next invoice is not sent. Does that make sense?

I tried to Recalculate Project Balance without success.







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2 replies

Hi there Raphael-

We are experiencing the same issue, plus SOME of our project transactions are also posting to the GL so our actual expense (not just project balance).

Did you get a response?

Ok, we ended up finding this document that helped us.


Pro Forma Invoice: Generated Transactions (


Then we set up the “GL settings for Unbilled Remainders” to the same accounts and the transaction basically netted to zero. 




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