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  • 26 August 2023
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I have a client who will be using ADP for payroll that plans on bringing in project related details using Project transactions.  The client has project specific rates for items and that works great for regular hours but occasionally they have overtime rates that need to be billed to the client.  What would be the best practice to accommodate the different billable rate? is it possible to have more than one rate on a rate table for the same item? One thought was to create a second non-stock item for each of their labor items to account for the overtime rate.  The client and I weren’t loving this option but were willing to explore.


i’d love to hear what the community's thoughts are and what you may have done in the past?


I appreciate your help in advance!


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3 replies

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@Heidi Dempsey @joelhoffman another topic i would love your thoughts on!


thank you!

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Because there’s no way to account for the earning type when calculating project rates, there’s basically 2 options that we’ve used, depending on the customer.

  1. Set up secondary non-stock labor items for the OT items (more common)
  2. All the OT time goes to a specific set of tasks that have task specific rates (so you need to have multiple look-up rules for the rate table. 
    • i.e. sequence 100 might be Task and Inventory or Task and Employee for the Overtime specific task and then sequence 200 would be just Item and/or Employee for the default (regular) time rates.
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I did something different, in the billing rule, IF transaction Earning type = Double time, Billed amount = Transaction amount x 2


Here 2 is a constant, but can be a variable (project or task attribute)


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