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  • 7 September 2022
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Created a GI showing lots of details on projects and their cost and revenue budgets.    I can pick up the last invoice date ok but now looking for the date of the last cost transaction on the project anyone managed to populate this date?


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Are you asking where to find the latest project cost transaction?  I think your source is PMTran.  Perhaps filter using Account Group, to identify the Cost transactions vs. Revenue.

Yes, cost will be more complicated than Revenue because there are several sources that funnel into PMTran: Gl entries, AP Bills, PO Receipts, Direct Entries to Project Transactions, Time Entry for Labor, Expense entries, etc.

Also look at the Sign on the Amounts. We don’t have separate debit/credit amounts in PMTran, we have Positive/negative sign on amounts.

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Agree it will be in there but adding this table to my GI will cause complications on the GI no doubt

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Thanks agree it is going to be more complicated.   Just thought there might be somewhere where this date was held against the project


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If you or your partner do not have access to create a SQL view and/or you don’t want to create a customization, you could go down the Business Event route and load/update a project attribute every time a cost transaction is created with a later date. 😫

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Thanks for this suggestion will look into this


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