How do I save an email to an existing Project Issue

  • 19 February 2021
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I would like to save emails directly from outlook to existing Project Issues and not have to convert email to PDF. I have the Acumatica add on button to me Outlook Ribbon but it only gives me the option to create a new Project Issue. 


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7 replies

That’s good news.  Thanks for reply.

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@moswalt96  - With our 2022 R1 release, we will be “unlinking” the Project Activity/Outlook requirement to have Construction, it will be based on having Project Financials (with or without Construction).

@joelhoffman - We use projects to run our implementation engagements.  Works great.  We don’t want to turn on construction.  But we get many emails that are project related.  So you can only upload an email against a project through the addin if you are running projects under construction?

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@joelhoffman thanks for the info! In both types you provided, what are the conditions for recording activities to Projects directly (not Project Issues and RFIs)? I believe we have the right features… 

Would the system email account that someone is replying to need to have incoming mail processing turned on? (assuming yes). If the email is sent out of activities in the Project record and it is replied to, as long as the From email is a system email account and incoming mail processing is turned on, will the reply be logged in Activities in the Project record? (similar to cases).

See screenshot below. What conditions are needed for the Project checkbox to be an available option in the Outlook add-in? Does the contact/person need to be the contact for the Project record for that to be an option? 




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@sean21 - There are two types of email logging here. 

The first item would be automatically capturing the email response when sending the email from Acumatica. This uses system email accounts, incoming mail processing settings and some other conditions.

The second item is using the Acumatica Outlook Add-In.  This looks like your attachment, so that is dependent on the settings within Enable/Disable Features.  Construction Project Management would be required for logging activities to Project Issues and RFI’s.

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@joelhoffman what triggers the Project checkbox option to appear? I created an email from the Project record, now I want to record the reply as an activity so it appears in the activity history of the Project record, but it doesn’t give me the option… 



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@jbaker - There are a couple of ways to do this;

  1. Emails sent out of Acumatica will have a link back to the Project Issue (or other document) that can capture responses automatically.  It is based on matching the subject line in the email with the document.
  2. With the Outlook Add-In, you should have the ability to select the person, then ‘Log Activity’ to the corresponding entity, in this case, Project Issue.  This will copy the email to the Project Issue Related Activities tab;



Hope this helps!




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