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  • 20 November 2020
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We have really changed the way the Change Order process for a specialty contractor works. If anyone would like to work together and collaborate on reports and small improvements to the screens I would like to start a user group. My goal is too leave all the Acumatica functionality in place so upgrades are not impacted.


A primary change in the process flow is we have created a PM status vs the Acumatica “accounting status”. In our world it takes a long time for CO to be officially approved and settled. I have a long way to go with the summaries but it seems to be working well.



Michael Wansor JCM Associates. Inc.







6 replies

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Great initiative, Michael!

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Has anybody had any problems with creating a negative change order?  We are having problems and do not understand why.

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What kind of problems? Not accepting it or not showing up on reports correctly? I have negative CO’s in system, I have not noticed an issue.

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The problem is creating a negative change to a subcontractor / commitment.  Does not work and according to an Acumatica consultant, it will not work.  If it works for you lets talk.


You can call me at 520.260.0505


Thanks for you help.

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Currently, within Acumatica, a negative commitment change order is possible, but only when applied to an existing subcontract detail line and the new value does not go negative (less than unbilled amount).


Users cannot create a commitment change order that creates a “new” negative subcontract detail line. That is an open item on the roadmap, planned for 2021 R2. We are looking at what it will take to get those changes specifically singled out for earlier releases.


The key is the change order commitment detail line status. It will be 'update' or 'new'. If update, negative OK, based on balance. If new, negative not available.

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Thank you Joel


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