Using Azure Blob Storage for attachment storage

  • 26 September 2023
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We are trying to use Azure Blob storage as an attachment repository. We do not want to allow PUBLIC access to our blob storage so have created a private endpoint. Although we can connect to the blob via SMB share i.e. \\server\share the only options in Acumatica for blob storage according to the documentation is via a shared key or via a mapped drive. Because the Acumatica server is not logged into and runs as a web service the mapped drive is not available. Putting in the \\servername\share is not an option and throws an error. how do we utilise blob? 


Any ideas or maybe Acumatica developers can guide us here?



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3 replies

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I believe what you are looking for is the External File Storage options. Have you perused the help?

I believe this needs to be specifically enabled in web.config, which means a support case if your instance is hosted by Acumatica.

We have this working using \\servername\share. This is not indicated as a possibility in the help section. The only indicated method is a local drive i.e. C:\local

Hopefully this helps others, you can create a remote server share, in my case to azure blob storage without going outside of your Azure tenant or network. You will need a private endpoint and to alter the local DNS settings in AAADS to point locally rather than your public DNS path. See: Private Endpoints with Azure Storage File Shares for help. I could not get the internal shared storage keys to work as it kept giving an SSL/TLS error, but the preferred method with the SMB share was working so left it as is. As my storage account is AD managed (AADDS) I needed to create a system identity for the application VM to allow it access to the storage account.

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @troyrowlands!


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