Unable to Route AP Debit Adjustments for Approval

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We are having trouble with Debit Adjustments in AP becoming status “Balanced” instead of routing for approval. This is a new site on version 2022 R1. Build 22.101.0085 .

In our test environment, I set up a very simple Approval Map that says where AP Document.Type = Debit Adjustment, send to an employee.

The Approval Map is activated in AP Setup.


When Un-holding any Debit Adjustment, the status becomes “Balanced.”  The help indicates Bills, Credits, and Debits can be routed for approval.  What am I missing?  Thank you!!


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First thing first you missed to select the correct type on your approval as the Type is Bill, click on the drop down list for AP Debit Adjustment and select Debit Adj.

Account Payable Preferences >Approval

Other tips you may want to check in any approval Map:

  1. Check you have at least one Rule Action with valid approver
  2. Make sure other Approval you have on same screen not satisfying same documents as if more than one approval map satisfy the condition system cannot decide which one to apply and just skip both
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Thank you!  I didn’t realize I need to attach the same approval map to each document type in AP Preferences. You solved my problem.



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