System will go into maintenance mode - Time Zone other than UTC

  • 6 June 2023
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Does anyone know how to get the “System will go into maintenance mode” message on the login screen to display a Time Zone other than UTC?


I did the following:


1. Scheduled a Lockout for 6:00pm on 6/13/2023 using the Apply Updates (SM203510) screen (1st screenshot below)

2. The Login Time Zone on the Site Preferences (SM200505) screen is set to (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (2nd screenshot below)

3. But the message on the login screen only shows 10:00pm UTC; it doesn’t show 6:00pm Eastern Time (3rd screenshot below)


Is there a way to get the message on the login screen to show 6:00pm Eastern Time?


3 replies

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Hi @TimRodman 

here is my results 




Site Preferences


Assuming the user timezone will change the time details?


Could you please check the timezone from the user and review the results?

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Thank you @manikantad18, that did the trick!

I never thought to check the Time Zone field on the Users (SM201010) screen because it doesn't know who you are yet on the login screen. I’m not sure how it works, but it works!

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False alarm, this only works when you logout. Acumatica must somehow still know who you are when you logout or store your Time Zone in a cookie somewhere.

If you close your web browser, then re-open it (or open a new window in incognito mode), then it reverts back to UTC.

In a new web browser window (or in incognito mode), since Acumatica doesn’t know who you are, I think that it should use the Login Time Zone on the Site Preferences (SM200505) screen.

Hey @Chris Hackett, is there a way to remove the Solved label from this post (I hastily marked it as Solved). Bonus points if there’s a way to move this into the Product Ideas area as something to be addressed in a future Acumatica build.


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