System Email setup for Users will mark their Office365 emails as ready in a couple of seconds.

  • 18 June 2021
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Good day,

Client has been using System Email Accounts to send / Received emails from Acumatica using Outlook (they dont have Acumatica integration on their outlook app in windows), starting on 4/8/21, the client started noticing that the emails on her inbox will automatically change to read, other users that have Acumatica accounts that also have System Email Accounts setup in Acumatica will have same issue. After several tries with their IT person from there email server, we inactivate the System Email Account for her by changing the password to something incorrect, and the issue stop. I have sit checking this issue and it occurs when the System Email Account is setup correctly. 


I have already change the incoming mail server from to to But this did not fixed the issue. 


I have also test where the password in incorrect and the test is bad, and emails remain unread on my clients outlook app in windows, but when putting the password correctly, the emails will start randomly set as read. I have seen this with my own eyes. Please advise. 


Has anyone has this issue?

3 replies

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My first thought is do they have Outlook rules setup where emails to themselves get marked as read?

We do not have integration and have manually entered the details.



All other tabs are not filled in except the Assignment Settings Default Email Owner.

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@martingaxiola We have the same issue, but it is not happening to everyone. I only have 1 individual reporting this as of now… 

We created several system email accounts for individuals with Incoming Mail Processing checked so that they can email (from themselves) out of Acumatica and it will be suffixed with the email tag so it captures replies, etc.

I’m not sure how to resolve either, but I just came across this issue… 

Hey @sean21  and @amajors, I put a ticket and they are working on a solution as Acumatica identified the issue. The workaround they gave me is to change the protocol from IMAP to POP3, which will temporarily fix the issue but it will have performance issues with Acumatica. Also, they provided the following link, where Acumatica will advise you about this.

I will post the Version where they will update this issue. 


Thank you.



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